Terms of use

  • You are a school owner or a school agent or delegate

    To create account in this application, you must fulfill some of the following conditions :

    • get a primaty, secondary school with all different set together
    • get a university with all different set together.
    • Be the owner of the school for which you want to configure and manage all information grades online or the agent of the school.
    • Get a valid emai address which could be used to receive a validation requestit will be subject to a validation request (an email will be sent explaining all instruction to follow) after your registration and before your first authentication.
    • Have a valid phone number where you could be join or we can contact you as needed.

    Your school must be declared and recognized by the authority in charge of the school domain.

    • She must have a name.
    • She must have a valid address and phone number.
  • You are a member of a school administration

    • Please contact your administration for the login ID.
  • You are a Parent

    • Please contact your children's school to receive the login ID and password.
  • You are a student

    • Please contact your school administration for the login code.