It is completely free for basic and unsupported modules. All modules are accessible for use. After the creation of the school, we activate it for you in less than a minute, the rest is within your reach.
However, the SMS module (which makes it possible to instantly send the notes and averages of the students to their respective parents by SMS) can be used under an annual subscription. EcoleCloud must maintain human resources and management of production costs.
In the application http://www.ecolecloud.com only a school owner or school agent or delegate can do registration. After that, students, parents or other intended members of the administration, are created by the owner or delegate.
In resum, students or parents can not register directly on the site, it is the school that takes care of it. After they can get to the administration of their school to receive the login information.
Please visit the Terms of Use to learn more : http://www.ecolecloud.com/conditions-utilisation
It's the school itself that takes care of its environment, it does not need any external help for that.
However, you can pay the service of a representative of EcoleCloud to help you manage your data online.
Yes, the personal data of each school are encrypted, secured by password, login codes and other security policies.
In addition, only authorized schools and school members (owner, delegate, agent, etc.) can access their data. This way, the public does not have access to the application, let alone the school data. Please read our tips on Security and Privacy.
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The customer service team will be happy to answer you within one business day.